We are ready to support
your innovation

From startup idea to enterprise innovation, we are ready to increase your return on innovation. We have services for:

Startups & entrepreneurs

For startup teams and individual entrepreneurs we offer our signature go-to-market accelerated growth program and dedicated 1on1 support.

Accelerated growth program

This is our online and in-person program for growing your startup. It is available for early stage startups and later stage scaleups. The result of the program is a proven go-to-market strategy. This significantly increases your chances of successfully launching and growing your product or service. Make a quick appointment if you have questions or to get started.

Dedicated 1on1 support

Our experience gained in supporting hundreds of startups and innovation teams and founding several startups ourselves is a solid foundation of errors, mistakes, and lessons learned. There is no requirement for you to make the same mistakes. Build on our experience using our dedicated 1on1 support. Book your first free session. Afterwards we have special startup-friendly rates available.


Whether you’re a large multinational or a small or medium-sized enterprise, the need for efficient innovation has never been higher. Out of all innovation risks, market risks are the hardest to manage. The more ambitious the innovation, the higher the risk. We increase your return on innovation in various ways.

Innovation strategy and governance

Your innovation strategy is highly dependent on your organisation, your culture, and your environment. We’ve supported the innovation strategy and governance model development of organisations large (€4bn+) and small. Finding the right innovation focus, embedding agility in processes, including meritocracy, managing risks, data informed funding models and company specific support networks are a few of the elements that need to find a way into your strategy.

We can support you in defining or updating your innovation strategy. If a second opinion is all you need, we are ready to support you too! Contact us or make a quick appointment to get started.

Program design

As an innovation manager you’re responsible for setting up or updating your internal or external innovation program. In our experience it takes about two rounds of the program to work out the early design flaws and (in hindsight) obvious mistakes. This is preventable. Share your first draft or get in touch directly and we’ll immediately offer you some free tips to make your program even better!


Part of your innovation program consists of workshops to get the teams started and offer them new skills, tools, and a new mindset to make the most out of their proposition. And they need to be super motivated. We offer a balanced set of workshops to take your program to a higher level. Some of the workshops we facilitate are:

  • Choosing your best market opportunity
  • Customer discovery for innovation teams
  • Value proposition design
  • Business model design
  • Validation techniques for successful innovations

Innovation team support

There is not a single program that offers a one size fits all solution. Your teams are diverse, and your program supports and facilitates that. 1on1 team support is therefore essential. Guidance and a (not so) gentle push from an entrepreneur in residence is what’s needed. Let’s make that a reality for your teams!


Venture builders, accelerators, and incubators are pressure cookers for everyone involved. This is by design for the teams participating but, more often than not, also for the facilitating team. You do this with just one goal in mind: helping the teams become successful, fast! We share the same goal and are excited to help you.

Program design

Most acceleration programs help teams achieve in a couple of months what would otherwise take a year (or more!). The key to achieving this is part of the program design. The art of program design is not about what you cram into the schedule, it is what you leave out and when you time everything. Having designed and run many such programs, we know what works and what doesn’t. Share your program design with us, and we’ll immediately offer you some free tips to make your program even better.


Workshops are an important part of your program, but not all workshops are well received by the teams. The workshop needs to be engaging, well-timed, and to the point to really add value. That is what we bring. Some of the workshops that we offer are:

  • Choosing your best market opportunity
  • Customer discovery interviews for startups
  • Value proposition design
  • Business model design
  • Validation techniques for successful innovations

Team 1on1s

To increase the relevance of your program to each individual team you offer 1on1 support and guidance. Looking for an outside entrepreneur in residence to give your startups a push in the right direction? We’re happy to help!

Investors & funds

Investors and funds differentiate themselves by the support they provide to their ventures. Supporting your ventures’ market validation is a double-edged sword. Market risk of the venture is decreased, and success chances increase. It saves you money (higher fund returns) and founders’ time and personal suffering.

Validation due diligence

Your expertise in a market is a prerequisite for investing in a venture. But you know that past success is no guarantee for the future. Great investors know that an individual or a team cannot predict the answer to market demand, but it can be tested in the market. Nowadays, all ventures tell you they have validated their market. Our validation due diligence gives you an unbiased assessment of the quality of the validation and market demand. It is never easy to pick the winners, but validated market demand surely increases your odds significantly.

Venture support

You prefer to support your portfolio companies before, during and after the investment is made. Experience tells us that early ventures benefit from validating market demand till real product-market fit has been found. Product-market fit is hardly ever achieved before annual revenues exceed €4 million. We can help you support your ventures 1on1 or by offering them access to one of our validation programs. Let’s add value together!