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We support startups and innovation teams validate market demand for their ideas and create successful new businesses.

In the last 10+ years we supported hundreds of startups and innovation teams.
Based on this experience we develop innovation strategies, innovation and acceleration programs, workshops, courses and supporting software tools.

Why we are different

Validation is a buzzword in the industry. But the vast majority do not actually validate their market and go-to market strategy. As a result the benefits of validation are not achieved resulting in higher failure rates, longer time-to-market and emotional and financial losses. We make validation techniques easy to apply, at the right moment in time and therefore we increase success chances, shorten the time-to-market, increase financial returns and make sure positive impact innovations improve our planet as fast as possible.

our mission

Positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by supporting entrepreneurs to efficiently bring innovations to market and build successful new businesses.

About Broos Bakens

entre.ventures is founded by Broos Bakens, an experienced entrepreneur and corporate innovator. With a background in finance he was quick to embrace entrepreneurial management techniques. During his career he (co)founded and exited a web development agency, a deep tech accelerator program, an internal employee based innovation program and a new business unit within a large multinational. Besides that he invalidated many ideas and stopped pursuing them.

With a unique 360 degree experience as entrepreneur, corporate innovator, senior manager in a US$30+ billion multinational and investor he adds value when he can. Having seen his fair share of failed startups and innovations he could not help but notice that most of these failures are preventable. By making validation techniques easily accessible he aims to make founders’ lives better and contribute to solving the challenges of the world by supporting the successful go-to-market of impact innovations.

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