Validation board

Why use the validation board

Structuring, prioritizing, and keeping track of your validation efforts can be a real challenge. The validation board solves this for you. It provides a clear structure for your validation efforts and helps to validate the highest priority items first.

What is the validation board

The validation board is a visual tool available as a (A0-sized) printable poster and spreadsheet template. It has three columns for validating your problem, the solution, and your acquisition channels. The layout of the validation board ensures you design high-quality experiments that will give you the highest chance of successfully introducing your innovation to the market.

How to use the validation board

The validation board is used by startups, innovation teams, and as part of innovation programs and in educational settings. Print the poster and tape it to a wall. Use sticky-notes to fill in the various elements and you will be guided in designing good experiments. It is important to design and run multiple experiments for each column before the move to the next column. Hence, first you design multiple experiments to test the problem before you start testing the solution and your acquisition channels.

Download the validation board