Business model canvas

Why use the business model canvas

The time that an innovative product alone was enough to conquer the market quickly is long gone. Today you also need an innovative business model. The business model canvas is the tool to help you map your current business model and design innovative new business models. It works great because the tool is easy to use for people with different backgrounds. Little experience or explanation is needed to get started. If you want to design more effective business models, it is advised to attend one of our workshops.

What is the business model canvas

A visual tool to map and innovate your business model. It consists of 9 blocks that together explain how you create, deliver and capture value. This includes your customers, value proposition, products, services, your finances, and your partners. It is used by startup, enterprises, non-profits and other organizations of all sizes. It is not used for mapping the environment in which you operate.

Download the business model canvas